Appleton Estate features Jamila Falak in Heart of Jamaica Album

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

by Kimberley Small

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The spirits brand approached the prolific producer with the idea and the title, and he loved it.

"We're celebrating the Jamaican experience. We have a song for every major holiday. Over the period of a year, every month, these songs are gonna be relevant. We have a birthday song with Ding Dong and Tamo J. That's gonna be visited every week, every day!" he exclaimed.

According to Bennett, there is a song relevant to Valentine's Day, a New Year's Eve song, songs to empower women and men, a graduation song, a rum song, Mother's Day and a Father's Day song.

He added: "Wayne Marshall did the Father's Day song called My Father. We knew he would be perfect, but he had just lost his father. And I was saying, 'rhatid'. But I still called him and said it's probably the wrong time, but everybody thinks you're the best person." My Father is the album's first official single.

Along with the Glory To God singer, the album's artiste list also includes Natel, Duane Stephenson, Jesse Royal, Wayne Marshall, Bugle, Justine, Freddie McGregor, Chevaughn, Tessanne Chin, Jodi-Ann Pantry, Jamila Falak, Minori, Flavia Beswick, Chris Martin, Sevana, Dean Fraser, Pluto Shervington, Tamo-J, Ikaya, Stephen McHugh and Craig Jackson.

Bennett believes The Heart of Jamaica will stand the test of time because of the perennial nature of reggae music, as well as the exuberance exhibited by the younger contributors.